Bowling Green Soccer Club

7-9 Year Olds


(each team is named after a La Liga {Spanish} Soccer Team)

Practice (Mondays) Information:

Start Time: 5:30
Practice Length: One hour (four,15 minute rotations)

Game Day (Saturdays) Information:

Start Time: 9:00am SHARP
Game Length: Four,15 minute games (no halftime)
Rules: For the 7-9 year old teams, the rules should still not be primary focus but we want to introduce a few
basic principles. We will start to have handballs, throw-ins, goal kicks, and corner kicks. The true learning
and essence of the game is when the ball is in play, so the game doesn't need to be called extremely tight.
Festival Style: Each team will play four total games. Four teams will remain on the same field for the entire
Saturday, while the other four teams will rotate fields clockwise on the master horn (this will switch week to week).

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