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Practice / Play Safety Guidelines

Updated as of August 22, 2020

BGSC is committed to player safety during both practices and games. Accordingly, BGSC will follow applicable guidelines by the State of Ohio, our governing bodies (NWOYSL, Ohio South, US Youth Soccer) as well as any local regulations regarding our activities.

Effective beginning with the Fall 2020 Travel soccer season, expectations for players, coaches, parents and spectators are set forth below:

BGSC reserves the right to refuse to let any player or coach who refuses or is unable to comply with these guidelines to participate in any BGSC activity.  In addition, BGSC reserves the right to ask any parent / spectator who refuses or is unable to comply with these guidelines to leave the venue of the BGSC activity.  Being a small community club, we do not have staff to monitor all of the games and practices and therefore ask all members of the club to comply in order for the season to continue. 


·         Each player, coach, parent or spectator must check for symptoms of illness* identified by the CDC in advance of each practice or game

·         Any person who exhibits any symptom of illness may not engage in any BGSC activity and should stay at home

·         All players, referees, coaches, parents and spectators must comply with applicable assembly and social distancing requirements while observing practices, games or on the sidelines.  No congregating before or after practices or games is permitted

·         Players, coaches, parents and spectators should refrain from touching their eyes, nose or mouth

·         Players, coaches and parents/spectators must wear facial coverings** at all times, including when arriving or leaving practices or games.  Players may remove facial coverings (as coaches deem appropriate) while warming up or actively engaged in practice or game play

·         Six-feet social distance must be maintained between all individuals (ex:  Players, Coaches, Staff and Spectators) except when on the field of play



·         Players may not share equipment (pinnies), water bottles or food

·         Players should bring their own soccer ball to practice.

·         Players/parents should clean soccer equipment (including sanitizing soccer balls to be brought to training/game) and launder uniforms after each practice/game according to CDC hygiene standards

·         Players should avoid touching another player’s soccer ball with their hands

·         If the goalkeeper is involved in an activity with field players then use the GK’s designated soccer ball

·         There will be no spitting near or around any field

·         Players MAY engage in practice or game play while wearing an approved facial covering, if preferred

·         Players should arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of practice and must be picked up promptly after.  No one should linger at the fields after practice has concluded.


·         All coaches MUST participate in COVID-19 education and educate their players on how to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 using resources developed by the Ohio Department of Health.  This training is found here:

·         Plan ahead to prepare the training area to best accommodate social distancing

·         Create personal preparation stations

·    Set-up a line of cones 6-feet apart in an area to the side of the training field

·    Arrange one cone per participant (player, coach, referee)

·         Designate one cone as their “personal prep station” for the duration of the training session. The individual should place all their belongings at this cone.

·         Only coaches should handle practice cones or marker disks and activities should be set up prior to players arriving to negate the need for players to move equipment

·         Coaches are encouraged to break players into small groups for practice and maintain those groups throughout practice

·         Small-sided games and set plays may be used to increase intensity and sharpen game-play skills but ensure players are socially distanced in these situations where possible

·         If a player does not feel comfortable participating in an activity do not pressure the player to join. Allow the player to observe from a socially distanced vantage point where they can still learn from the activity

·         Physical contact will be limited to the laws of the game; no additional contact (e.g., high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, hugs etc.) or huddles (with players within 6-feet of each-other) will be permitted

·         Coaches will be asked to remind players to maintain appropriate social distancing when on the touchlines   Travel benches should NOT be used

·         During games, coaches must have an assistant coach, team manager, or parent ensure social distancing for teams of young children when players are on the sideline, not on the field of play

·         Coaches should utilize appropriate cleaning equipment (hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes) and are asked to encourage players to maintain proper hygiene

·         Soccer balls should be disinfected before and after each practice or game by parents/guardians and pinnies should be washed after each practice by the coach, if used

·         Coaches must maintain a roster of players and parents/guardians at each practice and/or game


·         Parents / spectators must sit on the sideline opposite the players during games and on the same half of the field while maintaining six feet social distancing from others/families of spectators

·         Parents / spectators should not make physical contact with any player, coach, referee etc. prior to or during a game or practice, other than an immediate family member

·         Parents/Spectators should not retrieve any soccer ball that leaves the field during practices/games

·         Parents/Spectators should not congregate before or after practices or games

·         Parents should drop off players no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of practice and must pick up promptly after.  No one should linger at the fields after practice has concluded.

If a Player or Coach Tests Positive for Covid-19

·         If a player or coach is tested for Covid-19, that individual may not participate in any BGSC activity (including practices or games) until the results of that test are received

·         If a player or member of the same household tests positive for Covid-19, the parent of that player must promptly notify BGSC

·         If a coach is notified by a parent that a player has tested positive, or if a coach tests positive, the coach must promptly notify BGSC of the positive test

·         In the event of a positive test, the team associated with that player (and, if a coach tests positive, all teams associated with that coach) may not participate in practice or games for a period of 14 days from the date of the positive test

·         BGSC will promptly notify the team of a player or coach with a positive test as well as NWOYSL and the local Health Department to help facilitate contact tracing

·         If the affected individual participated in competitive play, the team is responsible for notifying any opponents played between the date of the positive test and 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms

·         An individual who tests positive for COVID-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, must not return to sport activities (including practice and games) until they meet the CDC requirements for ending self-isolation using either a symptom-based or test-based strategy*** AND a documented medical exam is performed clearing the individual to return to play.  The documented medical exam MUST specifically include an assessment of the cardiac/heart risk of high-intensity exercise due to the potential of myocarditis occurring

Covid-19 Related Game Information

·         Players must wear a mask from the parking lot to the field and vice versa  

·         Players must wear a mask on the sidelines when not in the game.  Players are allowed to catch their breath and take a drink of water before they put their mask on

·         Players are permitted to wear a mask on the field if they so choose. The mask must be cloth and go around the ears, it should not have metal pieces or be around the neck

·         Players must maintain 6-feet social distance while on the sidelines  No travel benches should be utilized on the sideline

·         Coaches must wear a mask at all times

·         Spectators must wear a mask at all times.

·         If the ball goes out of bounds a player should retrieve the ball. Spectators, coaches, and the referee are not to pick up the game ball

·         Players and coaches are not to line up and shake hands after the game. 

·         Referee fees should be provided in an envelope



* Symptoms identified by the CDC include: (i) Fever or chills; (ii) Cough; (iii) Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; (iv) Fatigue; (v) Muscle or body aches; (v) Headache; (vi) New loss of taste or smell; (vii) Sore throat; (viii) Congestion or runny nose; (ix) Nausea or vomiting, or (x) Diarrhea

**Facial coverages may not be worn under the following circumstances in accordance with the Response ReStart guidelines:  (i) Facial coverings in the work setting are prohibited by law or regulation; (ii) Facial coverings are in violation of documented industry standards; (iii) Facial coverings are not advisable for health reasons; (iv) Facial coverings are in violation of the business’s   documented safety policies; (v) Facial coverings are not required when the employee  works alone in an assigned work area; or (vi) There is a functional (practical) reason for an employee not to wear a facial covering in the workplace.

***CDC Guidance on “When You Can be Around Others After You Had or Likely Had COVID-19 at


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